Anhui Wannan Electric Machine Company,. Ltd High efficiency motor, High voltage motor, Low voltage motor, NEMA standard motor, DC motor en National Machinery Industry Customer Satisfaction Products List 2020~2021 1:58:00 2021 WORLD MANUFACTURING CONVENTION 6:49:00 WNM Motor was awarded the title of "Excellent Organization of Mass Quality Management Activities in National Machinery Industry". 5:56:00 YE5 series is certified as IE5 energy efficient 8:22:00 Inspection by the Institute of Anhui province Quality Supervision and Inspection 7:45:00 General manager Chen Xuefeng was elected vice chairman of the ninth council of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association Small and Medium-sized Motor Branch 2:13:00 Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards 3:55:00 WNM motor won the Industry Benchmark Award 2020 2:26:00 We will attend The 128th CANTON FAIR soon 3:23:00 MV & HV production plant moved to the new production plant 7:04:00 Three new products are recognized as new products of Anhui Province 2:10:00 RESUME WORKING 2020 8:15:00 Successful conclusion of 2019 China International Energy Conservation 6:09:00 Wannan Motor is invited to attend 2019 China International Energy Conservation 2:15:00 2019 Asia Europe mechanical and electrical products trade exhibition 8:06:00 Celebrate Korea DOOCH team cooperate with WNM team 9:51:00 2019 Hannover Messe 6:22:00 Hannover MESSE is coming 3:35:00 YE4 series super-premium efficiency motors have won ”China energy saving product certificate” 7:22:00 YE3 series and high voltage three phase induction motors were elected to《2015 China machinery user saticfaction product list》 0:48:00第九色区av天堂_丁香五月天综合缴情网_福利一区二区微拍视频